Is This Job Transition for You?

by sysop in Career Pathways, Looking for a Job

by Liz Thatcher

Even if you are comfortable at your current job, there may be opportunities out there that are worth pursuing. Perhaps a new position could be more rewarding personally, professionally, and/or financially. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to find the greatest possible fulfillment in their work, and maybe it’s time to think about what your next step might be. How can you tell if it’s time to begin the job transition process? Here are a few key indicators:

  • Your supervisor hasn’t given you a clear path for moving up in your current company. Even if your supervisor has talked to you about general aspirations of promoting you, if there’s no specific plan, it might be time to look elsewhere. I’ve experienced this before – a former supervisor of mine liked to talk about bringing me up in the company but never had any specific details. After a while it became clear that there were no specific details because there really wasn’t room for me to grow.
  • You have a hard time finding fulfillment in your current position. At Freedom Partners Shared Services, we believe that the right person in the right role is the best way to find fulfillment through your work. An employee who feels fulfilled will bring more value to their job. In other words, if you hate your job, you’re less likely to find opportunities to thrive and take on more responsibilities.
  • You’re unsure of how to measure “success” in your current role. If you want more feedback in your current position, try to initiate this discussion with your supervisor. Ask for some clear measures (if there are any) and try to look for some milestones you can use to indicate how you’re doing. If your supervisor is unwilling to give feedback or clarify the purpose for what you’re doing, it might be time to seek opportunities elsewhere.
  • You have the desire to do more.  If at the end of your work week you find yourself with too little to do, or perhaps even after reading this blog, you feel like your skills are being underutilized, it may be time to start thinking about where you could find a greater challenge.  If you’re ready to accomplish more, you should start seeking new employment opportunities.
  • Your current work culture is dysfunctional or toxic. This one is obvious. If you like your co-workers but the work culture is hard to be in, it might be best to move on. A bad work environment can negatively impact your productivity, and the stress you may be experiencing will inevitably leak into other areas of your life.

Deciding to transition into a new job isn’t an easy decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But, if after evaluating your current position you notice one or more of the above apply, it might be a good idea to take that leap. If you’ve decided it’s time to make a transition, our job board is a great first step. If you don’t see any specific positions that would be a good fit for you, fill out our general application and one of our recruiters will contact you when the right position opens up!