Partner Highlight: Generation Opportunity

by sysop in Partner Highlights

by Liz Thatcher

Every Freedom Partners Shared Services partner works to advance economic liberty and a freer society for all. Today we’d like to highlight Generation Opportunity and its mission to help promote liberty to young Americans.

Generation Opportunity touches a variety of subjects that affect 18-34 year-olds the most – unemployment, healthcare, and the growing national debt, to name a few.

In its latest campaign, set to launch on February 12, 2015, Generation Opportunity will take on the criminal justice system. Generation Opportunity is fighting for criminal justice reform because “the rule of law is meant to protect and serve us, but our generation is concerned that our rights are being neglected and overlooked. Laws are outdated and overly complicated; instead of being amended, they are being added to. This makes it increasingly easy for otherwise law-abiding citizens to find themselves entangled in the often life-altering criminal justice system.

“This overcriminalization has caused our nation’s incarceration rate to skyrocket to the highest in the world. Despite making up only 5 percent of the world’s population, we make up 25 percent of the world’s prison population. It goes without saying that our system is broken.”

This campaign spotlights Weldon Angelos, a father of two, sentenced to 55 years in jail for a non-violent drug crime, thanks to nonsensical mandatory minimum sentencing laws.


To learn more about criminal justice reform and how you can take action, sign up at

You can also find Generation Opportunity on Twitter, Facebook, or read more over at their blog. If you’re interested in putting your skills to work to advance the mission of Generation Opportunity, you can find a list of their current job opportunities on our Job Board.