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Keeping Your Expectations Realistic

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by Liz Hine How do expectations stack up to reality?  Susan Adams recently published an article for Forbes online focusing on a study that discussed College Graduates’ Expectations in their job search. The study focused on the contrast between expectations and reality on a number of fronts including graduate degrees, starting salary, training/professional development, probability […]

9 Tips to Improve Your Email Etiquette

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by Katie Kallam Regardless of what it’s doing to our brains or our ability to interact with one another, email is here to stay. Not only is it here to stay, but email is the primary means of communication for most people, especially in the working world. Odds are, in your job hunt, email will […]

Career Lessons Your College Major Didn’t Teach You

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by Katie Kallam Choose a major. Study hard. Get an internship. Undergraduate students hear these mantras over and over throughout their college experiences. Students are encouraged to make good grades, learn information to pass tests, and get As on projects. But things are different in the work world. From my experience, the lessons I’ve learned […]

From Campus to Career: Advice for New Beginnings

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by Katie Kallam Congratulations! You did it. You’ve got your cap and gown, A’s on all your finals (or close to it), and a diploma in hand. Now what? You: A) Have landed your dream job B) Have taken the first opportunity that came your way C) Are still on the hunt for employment No […]

Climbing the Career Ladder

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by Kristina Burroughs The realities and fantasies of climbing the career ladder are vastly different in life after college. As recruiters, we see a lot of young professionals coming out of college or internships expecting big titles, unrealistic salaries, and management responsibilities. For some industries, your chances of landing this type of job may increase, […]

Internships: A Foot in the Door and More

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by Liz Hine The search for your dream job can begin even before you complete your college degree. If you have considered a career in a specific industry, but aren’t really sure about the reality of working in that environment, an internship could be a great starting point for you. Many organizations hire interns to […]

The Post-Graduation Reality

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by Kristina Burroughs To many recent college graduates, stepping into the world of full-time employment seems like a college foreign immersion program, except it is real life! There is no professor assigned to guide you through the transition – you are on your own! For an adjusting Millennial in the workforce, there are some cultural […]

A Choice Between Paths – Grad School or Work

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by Liz Hine The end of your undergraduate education is in sight, and the big question looming ahead is: what next? Do you decide to brave the unknown (and uncertain job market) and enter the workforce, or postpone some of those decisions by extending your education into graduate school? If you just spend a couple […]