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Creating Value in the Workplace

by sysop in Career Pathways, On the Job 101

by Daniel Klaeren We all love some degree of routine in our daily work lives.  Whether it’s checking our email first thing in the morning or taking lunch at the same time every afternoon, routines can comfort us by making the day more manageable.  Too often though, our comfort with the way things are leads to […]

Don’t Stunt Your Success!

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by Kristina Burroughs Who’s getting hired? Most hiring managers would rather offer the job to a self-starter who describes themselves as entrepreneurial. Most employers want their employees to take initiative, work professionally, and demonstrate he/she can handle the responsibility of autonomy. While employees who possess the “entrepreneurial spirit” demonstrate a real sense of urgency, discipline, […]

Distinguish Yourself: Use Time Wisely [Guest Post]

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Roger Custer In economics, we discuss the allocation of scarce resources. Those discussions generally focus on guns and butter, labor and capital, or other economic-speak but don’t cover our personal resources. You can distinguish yourself by properly allocating the scarce resource of your time. The saying “time is money” is true because you are using […]

Handling Stress

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Daniel Klaeren If you are like most people, your workload is going to occasionally feel overwhelming.  In a work stress survey conducted by Harris Interactive through Everest College, 77% of adults were stressed by their work.  Maybe you are taking on a new project, adding responsibilities to your workload or your organization is going […]

What to Do When It’s Your Fault

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Kristina Burroughs Whether you’ve been working for a decade or just bombed your first interview, learning how to bounce back from a mistake, whether it was your fault or not, is one of the hardest lessons. However, the learned quality of resilience is needed to successfully navigate the world of work. The ability to course […]

The Sunk Cost Fallacy at Work

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Daniel Klaeren Imagine you are going to the movies. You pay ten dollars for your ticket and sit down to enjoy the movie. To your disappointment, you are utterly bored by the first hour of the film but decide to stick it out until the end because you already paid for the ticket. Does […]

Why a Professional Job Exit Matters

by sysop in Looking for a Job, On the Job 101

by Daniel Klaren It used to be commonplace for people to work at the same company for forty or fifty years until they retired.  These days, most of us will change jobs a few times, at least.  In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker will hold over eleven jobs in […]

How to Play your Business Cards

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In a fast moving, social media world, the art of the business card exchange is still a useful and valuable  networking tool to master. When exchanging business cards, remember three things for effective information gathering at your next networking event. Exchange business cards at the end of a  conversation.  Imagine walking over to an individual and […]

Empowering Your Team Members

by sysop in Career Pathways, On the Job 101

by Kristina Burroughs Is there untapped potential in those you lead? Do you know what it takes to motivate your staff? If you are an aspiring supervisor or manager on the job hunt or currently in a position of leadership in your organization at any level, taking the time to understand who you are managing […]

Is it Time for a Career Transition?

by sysop in On the Job 101

Is it time to quit your job? by Kristina Burroughs Since we’re in the business of identifying the best talent for our client organizations, it is not uncommon to talk with people who are currently employed and looking for better opportunities. There are many reasons that it may be time to move on from your […]

Climbing the Career Ladder

by sysop in From Campus to Career, On the Job 101

by Kristina Burroughs The realities and fantasies of climbing the career ladder are vastly different in life after college. As recruiters, we see a lot of young professionals coming out of college or internships expecting big titles, unrealistic salaries, and management responsibilities. For some industries, your chances of landing this type of job may increase, […]

Humility: Remembering Your Roots

by sysop in Acing the Interview, Applying for a Job, On the Job 101

by Meghann Olshefski Ronald Reagan once said, “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” Humility and integrity are two of the top employee traits that hiring managers look for when hiring new talent. The best thing you can do for your professional […]

Preparing for Your First Day at Work

by sysop in On the Job 101

by Sam Ostranksy Being a transient city, the job turnover rate in Washington DC seems higher than for almost anywhere else in the country.  If you live in this city, chances are that you’ll have more than one “first day” on the job.  To prepare for these starting gate moments, here are a few tips […]

Planning for a Job Search

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by Liz Hine If you are facing a job transition, there are so many overwhelming aspects to the process. Here are a few tips to help you get started in your search. Over the coming weeks, we’ll flesh out some of the steps in this process in more detail. 1. Understand what you are looking […]

How to Grow Within Your Role (Part 2)

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by Liz Hine Last time, I gave my personal story about how I’ve learned to grow in each role. Here are some specific lessons I learned that you can use to grow in your position: 1. Open and honest communication with your supervisor is absolutely critical for professional development. Your supervisor can’t read your mind. […]

How to Grow Within Your Role (Part 1)

by sysop in Career Pathways, On the Job 101

by Liz Hine Before you write off your current organization and run out the door, I’d encourage you to think about ways to advance your career by growing within your current role. After all, if you are fulfilled in your role, you’ll also add more value to your organization and be a better team member. […]